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Re-Formatted FEI Tests

These versions of the 2018 and 2020 FEI tests have been formatted to fit double-sided on a piece of legal size paper. They are taken exactly from the FEI tests available at www.FEI.org. They are the updated versions which have removed all of the collective marks except rider position and seat.

Prix St-Georges
Intermediate I - Updated 2020

Intermediate A - Updated 2020
Intermediate B - Updated 2020

Intermediate II - Updated 2020

Grand Prix - Updated 2020
Grand Prix Special

Young Rider Preliminary
Young Rider Team
Young Rider Individual

Young Rider Grand Prix 16-25

Junior Preliminary
Junior Team
Junior Individual

Pony Preliminary
Pony Team
Pony Individual

Children, Freestyle and Young Horse tests are already in a two page format on the FEI site and should be directly downloaded from www.FEI.org.

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