Arabian's for the Cure at the Peak
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2 White Feet, Inc.

NOTE: All scores are unofficial until the class has been placed.
All ride times are subject to change. Please check with the show office one hour before the start of each day for the official times.
Last Updated Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 3:43:27 PM MST

TimeEntryRiderHorseQual/DivTest ClassRing EHCMBTotalTotal %#
4/22 9:59 AM261Heather HowellSquirrelolenaJR/YRFirst Level, Test 3 2011351  196  19663.226%2
4/22 11:55 AM261Heather HowellSquirrelolenaJR/YRSecond Level, Test 1 2011372  201  20157.429%1

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