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Heather Petersen

USEF R Technical Delegate, FEI Level 1 Steward, USDF Region 5 Director, Member of USDF Competition Management, Awards and By Laws Committees, Secretary of the 2003, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2019 USDF Region 5 Championships, 2017, 2020 USDF Region 4 Championships, 2003-2019 RMDS Championships; Secretary and co-organizer for the Paragon CDI *** and the Estes Park CDI***, manager for the 2022 Mid-Atlantic Dressage Festival CDI and the 2022 USDF Region 4 Championships; secretary/manager for many other successful national competitions and Past President of RMDS. Petersen has organized 5 USDF L programs, 2 USEF "r" Dressage Judge programs, several educational symposiums and assisted with the 2004 USDF National Trainers' Conference organization. Petersen's attention to detail and understanding of the rules of the equestrian road is blended by her determination to deliver an accurate and encouraging product. She has rightfully earned the reputation as a "can-do" leader in the RMDS organization, and is not easily daunted by well-worn ways of working. Her many years of management within the McDonalds Francisee give her a very thorough knowledge of business, budgeting and the corporate world.

Anne Sushko

I retired in 2007 after 37 years of being a middle school educator for the Dubuque Community School District. Greg and I will have been married for 41 years in May 2012. Our daughter Heather lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with her husband Michael and our two wonderful grand-daughters, Elizabeth (8) and Sarah (3). I serve as show secretary and/or manager for shows in Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, Ohio and Utah. I am a USEF Dressage ‘r’ Technical Delegate and FEI Level 1 Steward, a position I enjoy a lot. I served Region Four as its representative on the USDF GMO Committee for four years. I am the current chair for the USDF GMO Committee. I have also served Region Four as a PM delegate to the last four USDF national conventions. I am also a member of the USDF Membership Committee. I am an Adult Amateur who loves the continual learning process of dressage. My horse, Sir Ishmael or Critter, is an enthusiastic partner.

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